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What do you wear for the salt/freshwater?

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It seems that the discussion about what we wear when we go out to fish is almost as big as what kayak we ride. I guess thats a good thing since our water temps can be downright freezing at times. Feel free to cut and paste what you think is best from other posts or throw in your own .02 and lets give them newbs a hand.


Here's some threads to get it started:,1527.0.html,2097.0.html

I am in the market for a drysuit so I thought I would revive this thread. I currently have a dry top that I combine with a  farmerjohn wetsuit and booties(it's my surf kayaking outfit). I am interested in some of the kotatat products for a few different reasons--comfort, call of nature when you're out for several hours, among others. What are you using and where did you buy it?

Kokatat is where its at. I have the T3 meridian dry suit and love it. Put it to the test last winter and it did great ;)
I'd steer clear of the paddling suits as they are not real dry suits. They will pretty much do the job, but I have had problems with durability.

Lee let me know about a going out of business sale at a kayak shop in tacoma, and i got my t3 for $400. Just gotta keep your eyes peeled!  Also watch craigslist for used ones.

I have the stohlquist b-pod dry suit. I use the relief zipper a lot more than I thought I would. Glad I got it, I love it.

I have a Stohlquist G-pod, with the latex neck gasket that I use in the salt and on the fresh during the winter.  I have only had it a few months so I can say much about the durability, but the relief zipper has come in very useful. 


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