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Picture Of The Month

Casey working hard to keep the lead in AOTY

 "A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own,
and no obstacle should be placed in their path;
let them take risk, for God sake, let them get lost, sun burnt, stranded, drowned,
eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches -
that is the right and privilege of any free American."
--Edward Abbey--

"Adventure is just bad planning."
--Roald Amundsen--

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How-to article
Kayak downrigger fishing 101
by Zee

Kayak downrigger fishing.. Now put those two words together and youd swear that youve misread it. But the truth of it all is that downrigger fishing can be downright deadly with the right equipment and techniques. But whyd you even want to use a

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How-to article
Lo-budget Vanity Camera Mount
by FishesFromTupperware

Resident frugal inventor, FishesFromTupperware, writes on how to make a cheap camera mount so that you can take pictures of yourself and fish that looks really nice and clean. Fully stowable and sets up in seconds. Video included.

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Product Review
EZ eggs and EZ worms from Northwest Guide Baits
Reviewed by Spot

EZ eggs and EZ worms from Northwest Guide Baits, located in Olympia Washington, take soft plastic steelhead lures to a new level.  Ive been a fan of soft plastic eggs for years.  Each brand has its niche, but all of the products Ive tried previously had limitations.  EZ eggs hits the perfect balance of size, floatation, color, tackiness and...

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How-to article
The Bsteves quick release anchor
by Bsteves

My set up is pretty much like this one by FishShim of NCKA (below) except for the cable reel (I'm using the extension cord winder) and my choice to add an anchor chain instead of the 2 lb weight.

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Product Review
The Gerber Rivermate safety knife
Reviewed by Zee

After my last safety knife, rusting to oblivion, finally finding it's way to it's final resting place at the bottom of the Pacific it was time to check out a new one. I saw the Gerber Rivermate a few times and was a little intrigued with it's design. It is a little different than it's more popular counterpart, the River Runner, also made by Gerber so thought I'd check it out.

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Featured Report
Rufus Report 11/29
by Pisco Sicko

The Noggin Yakker and I met up Sunday morning to scout out some new (to us) territory. We ended up at some of the netpen operations, off of Columbia River Road. The fish checker that greeted us reported that the fishing was slow, and had been for a couple of months. :(. Dang, that wasn't what we wanted to hear!

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How-to article
The Cobra drift rig
by Spot

Before becoming a yak man, my favorite fishing was done on coastal streams in the Fall and Winter.  So, using my kayaks to access these waters seemed only natural.  Necessity being the mother that it is, Fall found me knee deep in the manufacture of a drift anchor for...

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