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Picture Of The Month

There are No Bad Days when the Salmon are in at Depoe Bay!

Kayak trolling can be a real drag….  No, not that kind of drag.  Rather, the kind of drag that makes you wish you had a rudder and outdrive.  While 6oz of weight and a spinning herring are manageable, the addition of a flasher or dodger can easily prove to be too much.  Enter the KoneZone flasher.  With its slow roll and reduced drag, the KoneZone flasher is perfectly suited to kayak trolling.

What sets KoneZone flashers apart from other attractors is the teardrop shape, the multiple offset rigging positions and the variety of configurations available.  

The teardrop shape reduces the drag produced when trolling and gives KoneZone flashers their smooth action at any speed.  As importantly, these flashers impart very little resistance when fighting a fish.  This gives you excellent control and nearly eliminates the fishes ability to leverage against the flashers action and throw the hook.  Finally, the rounded edges and slow roll slough off debris and significantly reduce line tangles.
Each KoneZone flasher has multiple leader attachment points.  Utilizing a different attachment point will change the flashers action.  In fact, when the leader is connected to the outer most attachment points or the flasher is rigged backward, a KoneZone flasher can take the place of a dodger, imparting action on otherwise static lures such as hoochies.

As for configuration, your choices are limited only by your imagination.  KoneZone flashers come in 4 sizes, from a trout sized 4” to a King catching 9” in length. KoneZone flashers can also be purchased as a stepped daisy chain for down rigger fishing.  If ordered directly from http://www.konezone.com/, you can configure your flasher in 1 of 14 different blade colors and 16 different tape colors with several band specific UV reflective colors available.
KoneZone flashers from IRC Inc., a Hillsboro Oregon company, were developed specifically for targeting Columbia River salmon.  Since their introduction they’ve proven their worth on several species from Alaska to California, Florida to the Great Lakes and beyond.

My personal field test, with a 6”, Chartreuse UV KoneZone flasher in the off color waters of the Multnomah Channel this spring confirmed the hype.  
-   While it did require a one ounce increase in weight to keep my bait on the bottom, there was noticeably less drag than I’d experienced with other flashers of this size.
-   Even with all the debris floating down the river this year, I never once had to clear the flasher or bead chains.
-   With the flasher just below the surface, I observed a smooth roll from 0.5MPH up to 3.5 MPH with none of the bucking, fluttering or planning sometimes observed in other flashers.
-   The real clincher though came when I was able to pluck a 25lb native out of a 4 lane, nose to tail traffic jam of powerboats.  Even thru the multiple drag burning runs and powerful head shakes the KoneZone flasher was barely noticeable.

The final assessment?  If you’re kayak trolling expansive or off color waters, KoneZone flashers are an efficient and effective way to get your bait noticed.  I can’t wait to try them in the ocean for Coho and at Buoy 10 for Chinook!

Update: I caught this silver in the salt running a Coyote Spoon behind a 6" KoneZone.

Comments *

1) Re: KoneZone Flashers
Written by steelheadr on June 23, 2009, 10:39:35 AM
I've used the mid and large sized versions and agree with everything said. There is much less trolling resistance than with other flashers and only a tiny amount of weeds have ever accumulated.

2) Re: KoneZone Flashers
Written by Bobarino on June 23, 2009, 09:03:35 PM
thanks for the review! i was about to buy some fishflashes and modify them to do what these do for use with hoochies.  saves
me the trouble of fiddling with something else. 
3) Re: KoneZone Flashers
Written by 0 on June 24, 2009, 12:23:50 PM
4) Re: KoneZone Flashers
Written by jhr3 on July 06, 2009, 05:18:20 PM
What is the minimum test line you would use with a 6" flasher?
5) Re: KoneZone Flashers
Written by Spot on July 19, 2009, 07:53:03 PM
"What is the minimum test line you would use with a 6" flasher? "

I use 20lb fireline as my mainline and 20lb Maxima Chameleon for leader material.  You need a fairly rigid leader to ensure that the line doesn't twist.  I have tried running it with 12lb Chameleion without any problem though.
Just remember to use bead chains before and after the flasher. 
6) Re: Product Review: KoneZone Flashers
Written by rooftop on August 03, 2015, 02:29:27 PM
I routinely use the 4" flasher when trolling for trout & kokanee and the setup often outperforms dodgers in lakes. Less drag too.
7) Re: Product Review: KoneZone Flashers
Written by AKFishOn on June 19, 2017, 10:33:14 AM
I ordered two Kone Zone flashers shortly after joining the forum and reading this review 2 years ago, Kone Zone sent me a free one with my order in the "Innocence" color pattern.  I wasn't too keen on the white and pink colors, but it has produced for me every time. I've caught king salmon, halibut and pacific cod on them.  I won't troll any other flasher.  I need to order some 4 inchers for lake trolling trout and arctic char now.  Thanks again for the review.
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