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Picture Of The Month

Danr realizes the dream with a 30lb Chetco Bubble Chinook!

Topic: A Land That Time Forgot  (Read 9878 times)

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Awesome trip and report. I'd be happy just to catch that chum! Did the bears actually drink the beers?


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Wonderful write up, pictures and a really memorable trip. My bucket list just got longer. Art


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Well done, sir!  Well done indeed!   :headbang:
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Great report and awesome pictures. 


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Alaska is an awesome place and you captured it in this great report. Thanks!
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Spot - thanks for sharing yourself and your trip.  I believe you have raised the bar for fishing reports higher than we mere mortals will ever be able to reach. That halibut is certainly worthy of  "picture of the month"


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My only wish is that I was there instead of working. 
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A fitting end to a great adventure and a geat write up. Well done Mark.


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On the first day on the water Spot candidly admitted, "I've got a problem". He went on to explain that he didn't know when to stop fishing. And so when the light was dimming after 9 on that Sunday, I started making supper without waiting for his return. I figured a hot meal would be welcome after 12 hours out. We weren't worried about him.  We knew he had a problem calling it a day on fishing. I was stirring the chili when we spotted Mark entering Paulson Bay.  Traveling very, very slowly. I thought he'd just run out of gas. 

He called up to us that he'd gotten his halibut. We were thrilled -- not even knowing the magnificence of the fish involved. It was exciting to know that he'd finally gotten his elusive halibut. That made the trip a success, rather than merely an excellent time outdoors.

Spot's amazing tale was followed with fish cleaning: filleting by headlamp and lantern, on a tiny sliver of gravel that was disappearing under high tide.  I'll attach a picture of that -- it's one of my favorites from the trip.

I knew your report would be worth the wait, Spot. Very well done. You really captured the spirit of the trip. It's always interesting to see what kind of impression is made on someone sampling wild Alaska for the first time. Something tells me it won't be your last. So glad we were able to demonstrate what Alaskan hospitality is.

Kyle M

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THAT was a delight.  :-)


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Woohoo!!!  Check that one off the list.  And put it right back on it.  You'll never be the same.  Alaska does that to you.

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Wow. That was an awesome write-up with great pictures to boot - fantastic! I like the non-linear storytelling - not easy to do well, and you did great.

Thinking back I can't believe how long it's been since I've been to Alaska... this makes me want to go back really badly.

Simply amazing. Thank you for taking the time and effort to record your thoughts and share them with us!

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Your best yet.  Well done.
...as soon as the Advil kicks in...


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Story well told Spot.  That's was a great read, and man...look at all that meat!  Well done and congratulations!


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Very nice report Spot. I'm extremely jealous.

However, I'm a little disappointed with the title.  I was hoping for a sleestak sighting or two.


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